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From ashes, a Gem is born!

Posted by Yves on Thu September 17, 2020 in From ashes, a gem is born!.

Come and discover the perfect illustration of the balance between charm and elegance of the "Heritage", comfort and luxury of the "Modern".

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Discover Cape Town, where the world meets!

Posted on Wed November 28, 2018.

Where do the French go to fall in love?
...the English go for tea?
...the Swiss go to climb?
...the Italians go for art?
...the Australians go for wine?
...the Argentinians go for Barbeque?

...CAPE TOWN, known as the Mother city!

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15 ways to experiment Cape Town Like a Local

Posted on Fri September 28, 2018.

Think outside the box of the average tourist and find here our little selection of what to do in Cape Town

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Cape-Town, a new world leader in responsible tourism and resilience

Posted on Fri August 17, 2018.

The city of Cape-Town in South Africa has been experiencing a water crisis since 2015.
Through water saving measures and a general move in the mindset of the population, Cape Town has grown in the last few months to now become a world leader in responsible tourism.

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