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Cape-Town, a new world leader in responsible tourism and resilience

Posted on Fri August 17, 2018.

The city of Cape-Town in South Africa has been experiencing a water crisis since 2015.
Through water saving measures and a general move in the mindset of the population, Cape Town has grown in the last few months to now become a world leader in responsible tourism.

There are always benefits that come from every crisis. During these times, we must force ourselves to become practical and resourceful, and that will always bring something back to the community.

This water crisis has been the perfect way to rise awareness in the population. People are taking actions and tried to change their habits. We are all doing what we can, each one of us at our own level: doing the right thing, doing our part as a community member, and trying to avoid waste as much as possible, has really become the general mindset of Capetonians.

This said, the situation is getting better for sure. Even if the tourism industry suffered badly, the travelers are beginning to coming back to the mother town. Current dam levels in Cape Town, August 2018, are just under 60%, which is really great in comparison with the same time last year, the water levels only stood at 32.5%.

If you have not been in Cape Town yet, it’s well time to pack your bags and book your room. We have water and we use it wisely. Discover a now eco-friendly city with a totally different lifestyle than ever before.

Talking about water, we are in the middle of the whale season!