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15 ways to experiment Cape Town Like a Local

Posted on Fri September 28, 2018.

Think outside the box of the average tourist and find here our little selection of what to do in Cape Town

1 - Enjoy a braai with locals

The Braai is a traditional South African barbecue. South Africans make braais every now and then for any kind of celebration or even just because we have fresh booze in the fridge and we want to spend a good time with some friends.


2 - Take advantage of Cape Town restaurant good deals
If you look out, Cape Town is filled with great food deals. You can easily find offers for half prices burgers, sushis, wine and so much more! 

Restaurants in Observatory are usually family friendly where you can find weekly specials.

3 - Company's Garden promenade!
The city’s Company’s Gardens is a must for those who love beautiful and quiet places. Bring a packet of nuts and fall for these little creatures, the cutest, fluffy-tailed animals, eating right from your hand!

+tips: there is a magnificent white albino squirrel out there, try to spot and capture it with your camera.

4 - Discover the beach by night

Alright, that's not a Capetonian thing but it's a worldwide secret kept by every people living in a seaside city that I'm about to tell you.

When the stars appear, the beach becomes a mystical fairy place. A late picnic with some friends, some candles, feel the sand filtering between your toes, and enjoy the atmosphere.

5 - Take a promenade on First Thursdays
Every First Thursday of the month, the city stay woke late: art galleries and shops stay open till +9pm, and locals gather in the streets pretending to know what the artist tried to immortalize in his masterpiece.

Join the movement, take a glass of wine, walk in the open streets and embrace the creative vibe of cape town.


6 - Buy the local fashion
The local fashion and design scene is very dynamic and vibrant in the moment in South Africa. And Cape Town is lucky to have some of the bets entrepreneurs in all Africa.

Take back home a souvenir and see your friends be in awe in front of your new colorful wax jacket.

7 - Explore Woodstock
The streets of Woodstock are filled with bright street art. The locals use the walls of lame buildings to express their talent.

Explore the suburbs of Woodstock, you will be surprised by the variety and amount of wonderful graffiti in the area.

8 - Sunrise AND Sunset on the top of Lion’s Head
Would you be an amateur of landscapes, the Lion's head will be a must hike for you while you are in Cape Town.

With a 360 degree view of the city, It is just the perfect spot to observe either the sunrise or the sunset. Golden hour has never been anywhere else as beautiful as it is up there.


9 - Try an open-air venue

If you like cinema, you must try one of the many open-air movie that you can find in Cape Town. The most popular ones are probably the Galileo Open Air venues, the Spier drive-in movie and the Maynardville Open-air (this one is a theatre).

Grab a sandwitch / popcorn and enjoy your show in a delightful atmosphere.

10 - Take part in the City Walk and the Open Streets
The City Walk and Open Streets are both locals initiatives that encourage to take in the city on foot and to change how we perceive, use, and experiment our streets.

It is another way to fight the "insecurities" in Cape Town. A way to say that there should not be any form of danger in these streets and that we all should be able to walk freely. Reclaim street as a public space.

11 - Visit the Planetarium

Take a break off your screen and visit this wonderful attraction. It’s real stars, and it’s just beautiful.

Very entertaining and family friendly, come explore the wonders of the universe. 

Be in awe in front of their daily show and let what you see do the talking for us.

12 - Visit the Cape Town Comedy Club for a good time
What a better way to embrace a culture than to listen to a comedian laugh at their own local "strange and peculiar" behaviors.

You will find in Cape Town many young and talented comedians. They will explore, expose, describe and put the emphasis for you on these special local gestures and expressions that may seem really weird for a foreigner.

13 - Take part in the cheering crowds at Newlands stadiums

You will enjoy the atmosphere in the stadiums of Newlands for cricket and rugby. South African supporters are very passionate and you can't help but get caught up in their positive vibe that you will feel throughout your body while you will be cheering together.


14 - Take a break at Kalk Bay

Take a seat in one of the many restaurants in this seaside of Cape Town and listen to the waves break on the rock. It's a relaxing sound to listen to while eating, and taking a break from work and daily stress.

 Also, the seaside air is great for your health anyway.

15 - Take your breakfast at a local Bakery

The Mother City has some really great and trendy bakeries and coffee shops. It's a 6 senses experience: smell it, see it, hear it, touch it, taste it, feel it.

Enjoy the aromas of a milky, creamy and smooth or strong and straight-up coffee with your little croissant while chatting with your local barista.


Thank you for reading this article, hopefully you will enjoy your stay with us soon!