• A super honey comb 80% full of pure row honey used at Carmichael House Boutique Hotel
    A super honey comb 80% full of pure honey

    The frames in a "super" are half the height of the brood ones and there are ten of them, each weighing up to 2kgs when full.

  • The workers will build hexagon cells on either sides of each frame, perfectly staggered for maximum structural strength

  • Once the honey has been extracted from each frame with the help of our honey extractor, it gets filtered and finally bottled

Our row honey

Posted by Yves on Mon August 29, 2022 in Our row honey.

If you ever wondered where our row honey comes from

We have two hives in Pinelands, and during the season, we harvest anything between 7 to 9kg of pure honey from one super. 

Each of the ten frames are put into our honey extractor after both sides have been duly uncapped (cutting the thin wax "lid" sealing each cell).

The honey gets filtered to only keep the pure honey. Yet we keep all the wax for future use.

Then it is bottled. 

Every morning you'll have a choice of a cup of our pure honey together with two other of our homemade jams to eat with our daily freshly baked French croissants. ENJOY!

A special THANK YOU  to Craig for shooting & editing this video, let alone helping throughout the harvesting process!