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Fripon forever

After almost 18 years, Fripon has sadly left us last Monday at 17h30.

His entire life, Fripon has been such a loving dog, naughty at times, but that's rather normal as he wouldn't be a Fripon after all.
He's been so brave till his last moments, and despite all the odds, he tried to please us with a wagging tail.

Fripon was a legend on his own. He travelled the world, be it by car, train, boat and even by plane. He is famous worldwide, and this is why I am sharing these memories with you, family, friends, guests, all the ones that knew Fripon.

This past year he's been hard at work, training the two new "worsies", Ceasar & Reglisse. He gave them instructions to protect and love his owners, which they are doing to perfection. Still need a bit of tuning here and there, but they're showing plenty of good will. Job well done Fripon!

You'll be remembered fondly. Au revoir notre chere Fripouille.