Posted on Thu September 27, 2018.

We all need a break sometimes! That's what World Tourism Day is about: a reminder ;)
The theme for World Tourism Day 2018 hovers around Digital Transformation and Innovation.

Today we book flights and nights via digital platforms, travelers read reviews and select their room online. Users play a big role in Digital Marketing today.

Social Medias have contributed largely in making the world a Global Village, Tourism businesses interact now easily and directly to their future guests. Smartphones and Internet have made decision-making quicker, and so on. To sum-up, the world is hyper-connected today and the phenomenon is still growing!

If you wanted to book a night in Cape Town today you could do so in no more than 5mn, that would have seem crazy several years ago but that’s actually the world we are living in right now!

Taking a break may seem like a bad idea when you still have a lot of work pending but that is exactly the point: We all have busy lives that's why we all need to get some time off work eventually! In order to come back fresher and more productive.

Sun is up in Cape Town by the way. Spring is here, I wish you all a great day.