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Revive the "Old Lady" - 10 April 2019

Posted by Yves on Wed April 10, 2019 in Revive the "Old Lady".

More than 3 weeks after the blaze, and after all the frustrating insurance paper work, the long process of rejuvenating the “Old Lady” can finally commence.

Dear All,

The first step has just started. Since 10h AM a team is busy removing all the rubble off site . It should take up to 6 working days.

Last week, we’ve had 3 contractors brought on site by the Quantity Surveyor. We should get the results of the tender process by the end of next week.

Currently, the Architect is busy with Heritage office to get their approval on the plans submitted.

Thanks to the constant support from our family, friends, neighbours & guests, both moral and financial, we are doing our best to remain positive and strong. That’s the least we could do to you, but also to our beloved “Old Lady”!

Keep on following us via this blog, and for the ones that would like to contribute to the revival of our “Old Lady”, you can do so by clicking on "I contribute" at the bottom on this page. Please don’t hesitate to share.