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Revive the "Old Lady" - 13May19

Posted by Yves on Mon May 13, 2019 in Revive the "Old Lady".

For the first time in 8 weeks, we have the feeling that things are moving forward. An architect with heritage experience has taken the matter into her own hands, and with clear instructions, she is leading the way forward. We finally have a Project Manager!

The first thing she required was to get the house features protected from further damages, be it due to the elements or collateral damages suffered from contractors. As a result all stained glass windows & doors as well as chimneys have been boxed. In addition, some scaffolding have been erected to support the one chimney conduit and to protect the dining room conservatory. Still to come is protecting the wooden floors, the tiles in the as well as the staircase.

The next step is for the Architect to draw an ad-hoc architect plan, following the Structural Engineer’s recommendations. Then only can the rebuilding of the roof get started.

But guess what, we still have about 50.000 healthy residents in the guest house! Any idea as whom those might be? Let us know!

Thanks to the constant support from our family, friends, neighbours & guests, both moral and financial.

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Till next update, keep well. Don’t hesitate to share, thank you.


CGH team