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Revive the "Old Lady" - 11Nov19

Posted on Mon November 18, 2019.

When regulation prevails...

Whilst we are still awaiting to get clarifications on the fire protection requirements, the painters, joiners and other plasterers are still at work.


Our problematic is that we have to apply modern requirements to a heritage building, dating back to last century. This implies having to somewhat juggle both on an administrative level, trying to find solutions acceptable to all parties, than on an operational point of view, trying to find the right materials. On that token, our "Old Lady" has taught a lesson to a number of professionals, in particular teaching them how easy it was to work with lime mortar. This is where her resilience prevails over general skepticism.

It's for this reason, that against all odds, we ought to succeed. We are in for a tough battle, both with the insurer and the broker, as we won't accept to be held responsible for their mistakes.

This is where your unconditional constant support is paramount, be it psychological, financial, or both at the same time. Thanks for your help!

Thanks for sharing the link here under contributing to the revival of our "Old Lady".

A bientôt...