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Revive the "Old Lady" - 03Oct19

Posted by Yves on Thu October 3, 2019 in Revive the "Old Lady".

Rehabilitation of our « Old Lady »

After a cold, windy and very wet winter, spring has finally arrived, and so has “phase 2” of the renovation process!

After the roof structure, then the roof cover, in place since end of August, we are now ensuring that the interior renovation process carries on, no matter what!

We must rebuild and repair without delay, thus complying with all by-laws. Having received not less than 8,500l of rain water in almost 6 months, both interior and walls must dry. Legal requirements combined to water damages imply additional means.

Since we are refusing to be held hostage of a situation that we’re not responsible for, we have engaged with both the insurer and our broker. The survival of Carmichael is at stake, and we’ll fight!

Once again, thanks to all the ones that have been supporting us, both financially and in spirit, and still doing so. Thanks to our respective families, to our friends, to our neighbours. Thank you!

More than ever, please share…

Please do not hesitate to contribute to the revival of our “Old Lady", click on the link "I contribute" at the bottom of this page.

CGH Team